Things look better from a distance

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Yesterday on our way home from daycare we drove past a local park.  We drive past it all the time, but have never taken the kids there.  I decided that it looked bigger and nicer than the one closer to house, so I was going to take Mackenzie there after dinner to take some photos and let her play for a bit.  Unfortunately when we got there the lighting wasn’t cooperating with any of the shots that I had hoped to get.  I setup a few as you can see above.  There are many more that I would like to try on a overcast day, but those will have to wait.  So in short, it became more of a trip to the park for her to play than to take photos.  The playground isn’t in nearly as good of shape as I thought.  Some of the tubes had big holes in the tops of them, and some intersections that were supposed to have covers on them had the covers missing.  We probably won’t be going back anytime soon!!


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