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You can’t always get what you want!!!

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Today I an hour to kill before work.  I went to the local lake to try to capture “Summer in White Bear Lake” because that is a theme for a contest in a local magazine.  I had all these expectations and ideas of what I was going to try to capture, however because it was the middle of the afternoon there was little to no action on the lake.  I was forced to switch gears to capturing photographs of flowers around the lake.  After a few shots I looked across the street and saw a smaller lake.  I walked over there and got a few images.  My favorite is probably the photo that I titled Reflections.  Take a look and see for yourself.  I am hoping to get down to a weekly car show close to home this weekend and capture a few cool photos.  We will see what the weather brings for that.

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-Shawn Taylor


Flowers, Dragonflies, and a Butterfly

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Click here for more photographs from today’s photo walk.

Today I had a day off from my real job and decided I needed to go shoot something.  I scoured the net to find good places to shoot in the Twin Cities.  I got in my car ready to head to Como Zoo.  I soon realized that I wasn’t going to have enough time for that.  So I decided that I would try to find Indian Mounds Park.  As I drove past the park I kept looking out for interesting items to photograph.  After finding a few places there I figured it would be good to head back towards home.  On my way back I thought I would stop at Lake Phalen to check out what options I had there to shoot.  There I spotted a butterfly and dragonfly zipping around near some wildflowers by the waters edge.  The photo walk link will take you to the photos from the day.  If you would like to purchase a print don’t forget to go the the website.


Hello World!!

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