Autism Awareness

Highlight it up Blue for Autism awareness!

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Highlight it up Blue for Autism awareness!

My son was inspired by one of our karate instructors who colored his hair in support of the Highlight It Up Blue for Autism Awareness ( ). His son has autism and just received a service dog from Can Do Canine ( ). This year the Highlight it up blue event’s proceeds went directly to benefit Can Do Canines. It is a great organization, and they can use all the support they can get in order to keep doing the great things that they do.

He was at karate Saturday morning, and on our way home from dinner on Saturday night he decided that he wanted to color his hair too. Next thing you knew, I was stopping a Walgreen’s for blue hair color. So there we were at 10pm at night bleaching and coloring his hair so we could show up at the event on Sunday March 30th and surprise his instructor. Click on the photo for more photos of the whole process. We also gave our daughter 2 blue streaks in her hair.