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Hairball Rocks the Myth!

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Hairball Rocks the Myth!

On March 1st, Hairball rocked a crowd of all ages at the Myth in Maplewood. Hairball, if you didn’t know, is an 80’s cover band. A cover band like none you have ever seen before. They consist of 6 members: Happy, Bobby, Kris, Joe, Freaky, and Blake. Only 5 of the members are on stage at any given time, but most often you will only see 4. You may ask, why so many members if they aren’t all on stage at once?? Hairball has taken it a step beyond just rocking your socks off with their amazing musical talent. The 3 guys holding it all together for each and every song are Happy on guitar, Blake on drums, and Freaky on Bass. Bobby, Kris and Joe take turns playing frontman. This doesn’t simply mean jumping around on stage and singing the lyrics or playing guitar for a few songs. These three talented musicians are constantly changing costumes to bring you the look of the artists songs they are performing. They feature Ozzy, AC/DC, Queen, Twisted Sister and Kiss to name just a few. If you are a fan of 80’s hair metal you owe it to yourself to see their show. They never disappoint with their pyrotechnics and Happy’s high-flying, high energy performances. Click on the photo above to view more photos from the show. Check out Hairball online at or on Facebook at