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A new adventure starting with Ditch Chicken!

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A new adventure starting with Ditch Chicken!

The week of Valentines I got a new camera. With this camera I will be able to capture photographs in much more difficult lighting situations. It is amazing to think about what those photographers whom shot film had to deal with. On these new fancy digital cameras we can change the sensitivity to light with the push of a few buttons. Back in the film days you had to physically change your film. With this new ability it is my goal to get out and photograph some concerts, To date I have shot 3 shows and 4 bands. But today I you will only be seeing photos take of Ditch Chicken at Stillwater Bowl in Stillwater Minnesota on February 15. Take some time to click on the photo and view the rest of the photos taken of Ditch Chicken. http://www.facebook.com/DitchChicken