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One – A Tribute to Metallica

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One - A Tribute to Metallica

I rented some gear to shoot Hairball at the Myth (photos to come later) on a Saturday in March. The lenses arrived on Thursday, and while I was sitting on Facebook like so many of us do, I saw that there was a band playing at Jersey’s Bar and Grill. The band’s name was One – A Tribute to Metallica. I immediately though about trying to get access to shoot photos of the band with the rented equipment. What great chance to get used to the gear before the “big day”. I sent a message to the band via their Facebook page. And guess what, about an hour or so later I got a response, 3 hours before the show! I was stoked. I had never seen this band before, nor had I ever been to Jersey’s. I am pretty happy with a few of the shots. Smaller bars are quite a challenge. The lights are either very dim, or very close to the performers, causing harsh color cast. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Flowers, Dragonflies, and a Butterfly

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Click here for more photographs from today’s photo walk.

Today I had a day off from my real job and decided I needed to go shoot something.  I scoured the net to find good places to shoot in the Twin Cities.  I got in my car ready to head to Como Zoo.  I soon realized that I wasn’t going to have enough time for that.  So I decided that I would try to find Indian Mounds Park.  As I drove past the park I kept looking out for interesting items to photograph.  After finding a few places there I figured it would be good to head back towards home.  On my way back I thought I would stop at Lake Phalen to check out what options I had there to shoot.  There I spotted a butterfly and dragonfly zipping around near some wildflowers by the waters edge.  The photo walk link will take you to the photos from the day.  If you would like to purchase a print don’t forget to go the the website.